Why buy an e-bike?

10 good reasons

There's lots of reasons why you would by an electric bicycle. Here's a list that we've complied, based on feedback from our customers. 

1. no sweat

Do you love bike riding but are put off cycling because of the hill between where you are and where you want to go? Would you ride to work except that you don't want to have to shower when you get there?

Many of our customers ride e-bikes because they enjoy bike riding, and use a bike as transport, but are put off by the thought of too much sweat.

2. no lycra

Do you hate wearing lycra or would you like to 'commute in a suit'?

The Australian biking industry is dominated by sports riders -racing and mountain bikers. Which is part of the reason you won't find bikes like ours in most mainstream bike shops. We've even had customers tell us that when they went to a bike shop looking for an e-bike and they were talked out of it or not taken seriously. While this has changed in the last couple of years and more electric bikes are available, if the bike shop sells electric bikes, it's likely to be an expensive one made for taking you to the trail head on top of a Swiss Mountain. While these are great electric bikes, these e-bikes are often over specified, heavy and very expensive, as well as not being designed to ride around the city. 

While the sporting bike culture is okay for some, what about those who want to ride for different reasons such as commuting? Our bikes, with lights, chain guards, mud guards, baskets etc. let you ride dressed in your best or dressed how you like.

3. get riding, keep riding

Would you like to get fitter or keep riding even though you have a physical condition that stops you riding a normal bike?

Our customers include people with lung transplants, chronic fatigue, back injuries, knee operations, heart conditions, hip replacements, MS, CF and a whole range of other conditions which stop them riding a normal bike. Our customers also include people who are getting back into fitness, but are not yet fit enough to ride a normal bike. Our bikes let them choose what level of support they require, depending on how they are feeling.

4. keeping up with the kids, grand kids, husband, wife etc.

Do you ride with someone who rides faster than you? Not ready for a mobility scooter yet?

A distinct group of people buy bikes from us because, while they enjoy riding as a socially related activity, they can't keep up with their kids, wife or husband.

5. get there faster and go further

Would you ride more often, except that it takes you too long? Does your commute involve getting stuck in traffic?

A number of our customers like their e-bike because it stops them getting stuck in traffic - such as on the drive from Gungalin into the City or commuting from Queanbeyan into Civic. Given the good bikes paths in and around Canberra, there are times and places where it's easier and faster to go by bike!

Another of our customers commutes from the Inner North to Deakin and likes her bike because it takes 10-15 mins less than doing the same trip on a normal bike. Another of our customers commutes from outer Belconnen to the ANU and says it takes about ten minutes longer, but the trip is much nicer. Shes arrives at work feeling relaxed, not stressed by the traffic!

6. freedom

Do you have a teenager who wants/needs more independence?

We've had quite a few customers who buy a bike for their teenagers so that they don't have to be a Taxi service! Riding a bike also gives you an immense feeling of well being and independence, especially if you have some reason why you can't normally be independent. For example, if you don't/can't drive. Some of our customers report feeling more postive about life because they can get out and about regardless of their state of health.

7. it's fun

Do you remember the feeling of wind in your hair that you experienced when you first rode a bike?
There's no doubt that riding an e-bike is fun.

8. economics

Do you hate paying parking fees or have trouble finding parking? Have you ever tried to park at the Australian National University? Sick of rising fuel prices?

Our bikes are very popular with people who work or study at the ANU or work in the city. And at less than 9 cents for 50km's an electric bike is a lot cheaper than paying for fuel.

9. environmental

Is your second car an electric bike?
Reducing their environmental footprint is a reason stated by many of our customers for buying an e-bike. Our customers include families who brought multiple bikes from us - one for each member of the family, as well as people who don't own cars and always use their own power (but want to have a break sometimes).

10. transportable transport

Do you enjoy caravaning and camping? Would you take a bike on your travels, but have limited space?
Lots of our customers buy bikes from us to take on their travels. If you have a motor home or caravan, why not leave it at the caravan park, unfold your e-bike and ride down to the shops or the tourist attraction. One our customers frequently takes their folding e-bike on the train, unfolds it at the station and rides away!

It's a more convenient and fun way of getting around.