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Opening Hours

Please call or text 0450960545 or email (or use the form below to contact us) to arrange a time to come and trial a bike, or to drop off a bike for servicing/ repair. 

In order to keep our costs down, we operate from home. We are here most of the time, Mondays- Fridays, during school hours (9am-4pm).  While there is generally someone here, sometimes we have to pop out to the warehouse or to deliver a bike, so please call or email before you come. Please note we also have two dogs, who act as doorbells, so don't go through the gate without us. 

Weekends and other times, such as after work, by appointment. We are always happy to find a mutually agreeable time to drop off or pick up bikes for servicing as well.  Phone 045 096 0545 or 02 62626234.