Our Suppliers

People often ask us if our bikes are made in Australia. The answer is no, like nearly all bikes in the world, our bikes are made in China. We have worked with our four main suppliers, Suzhou Bafang Electric Motors (known as 8-fun), Volto, Jiaxing Hongrui (known to us as HF, but also known as Onway) and Jiabao (JB) to develop products appropriate to Australian conditions and market expectations. Every year, in response to our customer's feedback, we also incorporate the best new technology into our product range.

Since 2009 we have regularly visited our suppliers in China to have a look at their systems, factories, products, working conditions etc. and we have been happy with what we see.

Simone with Bafung Motors Executive, China 2013

We do this at least once a year, as well as visiting bike Expos such as the Shanghai International Bike Show - China Cycles 2016 and Eurobike in 2017 and Australian bikes shows, such as OzBike, to keep on top of changes and developments in e -bike technology.

Volto and JB

When we first started looking at importing electric bikes from China we commissioned research to get a sense of what was available, what worked for people and why. This research included sending representatives to the 19th Annual International Electric Bike Show in Shanghai as well as doing an extensive market review and a street survey in Beijing.

From this research we selected two suppliers, Volto and Jiabao. Volto has a factory on the outskirts of Shanghai and Jiabao has a factory located in Jinhua City, about 500kms from Shanghai.

Both these suppliers have head offices in Shanghai and we have visited their factories. We selected these suppliers for a number of reasons. Firstly and most importantly their products are great and have been tested by us and over 500 other local riders since we started selling bikes.

Both suppliers have extensive experience in the Chinese market as well as exporting to markets throughout the world, including Europe, North America, Asia, South America and Africa. As such they have good quality control, exporting and after sales systems. Both suppliers also offered good warranties and spare parts supply. We have also visited the makers of all the componants of the bikes including the battery, motor and frame factory. In 2013, Volto moved location and started concentrating more on the local Chinese market, making it difficult for us to continue supplying their bikes, however, we still stock Volto parts.

About HF

In 2012, in response to the need to find a supplier to replace Volto and a need we identified for some new models, we added HF to our supplier list. HF, operating since 1988, introduced an E-bike line to their operations in 2008. HF has a factory in Jiaxing, about 200kms from Shanghai.

All HF bikes are compliant with ISO9000:2000 and EN15194 certification. We have found HF to be very helpful as suppliers, and they have worked with us to build and specifiy a number of new models. HF sells e-bikes to more than 30 countires in Europe, America, SE Asia and the Middle East. More information about HF can be found on their website. 

Making us feel welcome at HF factory in 2015.

About 8-fun

The head quarters of 8-fun is located in Suzhou. 8-fun also has factories in Tianjiang and in Holland. 8-fun is one of the largest manufacturers of e-bike motors in the world, with production of around 1,000,000 units a year. Founded in 2003, 8-fun, has a large R&D department which includes 18 senior engineers and their focus on innovation and quality has resulted in 16 internationally patented products, many awards and certifications. 8-fun sells motors for multiple applications accroos the world. 8-fun is the supplier of all our motors and most of our retrofit kits. More information about 8-fun can be found on their website.